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Which 5 Cosmetics Should Every Woman Own?

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

If you would like to wear Just a small make up so you look and feel a bit more attractive, there are three tips you can follow which may help.

These hints just require You to have a few simple cosmetics yet, if implemented correctly, the way you look will be a lot better.

Use face powder instead of foundation — Too many women clog their pores using a heavy Foundation, making their complexions look thick and much older. This is because, whilst foundation can cover minor flaws in your skin, in addition, it tends to get caked onto it, giving your skin a much heavier and much more dull look to it.

You can, however, get the Same kind of impact so far as covering flaws goes, by using a face powder instead. Just use one which is simply a slight shade darker than the skin and make sure that you blend it in correctly. It will cover your facial blemishes, yet not look heavy.

Lip balm and lipstick — Never apply a lipstick without applying A lip balm. Lips are among the first places where your face can appear dry and older if not ventilated properly.

Use a light lip balm and Then apply your lipstick, nevertheless, and you’ll get the plump and moist lips you’ve always wanted.

Eye liner and a cat eye — Draw your eye liner on at the shape of a cat eye. That means wing the line up at the far corner of your eye so that it moves up towards your eye brow.

This accentuates your eye, Draws attention to it, and also makes your eyes look bigger.

By simply using these three Make up tips, you can look a whole lot more attractive in just a couple of minutes.
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