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Any commercial organization needs progress - in respect of its business activities, profitability and growth vertically and horizontally. For achieving this overall progress, the vital aspect needed is Customer Confidence.

If every customer affiliated with the organization as consumer is satisfied with its processes, functionalities, products, quality assurance systems and procedures, and places their trust with the organization fully, all the above factors of progress becomes automatic. More number of customers brings forth more sales, volume of business, profitability and thereby continued prosperity.

Well - the million-dollar question is the way to build Customer Confidence? The organization in question can not contact each and every customer, and explain them their process capabilities; stages of production; how they ensure complete quality assurance in each stage; and how they ensure best quality products at reasonable prices are delivered to the customer etc.

In the same way, not every customer can visit the organization and see for themselves, whether all the above parameters are adhered impeccably, to achieve total quality assurance. Here comes the assistance of ISO Certification, official certification by International Standards Organization - that may be obtained throughout the assistance of ISO Certification; use Dud Edu, Services. Allow us to explain this point taking an example of an Australian Industrial Manufacturing Organization.

ISO Accreditation:

This organization is manufacturing and supplying all around the world high quality Australian Oats. At the time of today, the world consumers are extremely well aware of the characteristics of “Consumerism” - that is “buying best quality products at lowest prices” - because of the web.

Along with product quality, the manufacturers have to abide by the Legislations enacted through the Law of the Land, in ensuring that by their production processes there’s absolutely no damaging effect on environment - air; noise; water or any other types of pollution. The best consumer is additionally keen that the product coming to them is “environment-friendly”.

Consequently, so that you can carry on their business in Australian soil and additionally convince their end-users of the product, Your Company has to obtain ISO Accreditation. This certification they cannot get, unless and until they satisfy the stipulations imposed by ISO Certification authorities and they are completely and comprehensively fulfilled in every single stage of manufacture; as well as preventing the ill-effects of environmental pollution.

Earlier, there was only ISO 9001-2008 Certification in vogue, which certified that the organization follows effective Quality Assurance Systems in manufacturing processes. The principle of this certification is “if the process is right - the end-product should be right”. Any product which is sold with the label of ISO 9001-2008 Certification will instantly get Customer Confidence overwhelmingly anywhere - nationally and internationally.

Now ISO Accreditation has come up with another title of ISO Accreditation, namely ISO 1401-2004. Arising out of the elevated awareness of universal population, about the severe and adverse impacts of environmental pollution, this Environmental Management System Certification has also come into prominence.

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