Playing Poker Online How To

Online poker, often called Internet Poker, is playing the game of poker but instead of in-person with real cards you play online via the web.

How is online poker different to playing in person?

In essence the game is the same online as playing poker face-to-face although the rules can be completely different. Also the players don’t sit across from each other as everyone is behind their computer screen and may be within different locations. This eliminates one of the major factors in playing poker in-person, reading your opponents body language as well as the psychology behind the game. And so players who play online need to learn different skills for example fold and flop percentages and reaction times.

What else will be different? The particular game played online is generally faster than in person, this really is purely due to the human factor being taken out of it, for example the time it takes to gather up the cards, shuffle and deal is not used as online it’s instant, and no interruptions or chat and so it’s generally a faster game online playing up to 100 hands hourly.

Poker is there in the market for over 200 years. On the other hand, online poker is a recent player on the globe of online casino and gambling. It was in the year of 1998 that the first online poker room came into existence. The only online poker room during that time was Planet Poker.

Slowly with the passage of time, more online poker rooms were introduced within the online casino field. The rake structure that was fixed initially was from five percent to $3 max rake. This rake structure is more or less constant even today. It was in 1999, that Paradise Poker entered the scenario.

Poker Spot that was introduced in 2000 started facing some troubles later regarding collection of deposits of the players from the credit. Because of this, it went out of the scene. In the year 2001, two online poker firms made their entries. These were Party Poker and Poker Stars.

Poker Stars earned popularity because of its online poker (to Dev Rcc Cimh Edu) tournaments. Paradise Poker happened to be the dominant player till 2003. It was in this year that Party Poker made its launch of television advertising campaign. Online poker gained immense popularity with every passing day. It started to grow heavily.

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