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There are numerous occasions, however, where less serious matters can be satisfactorily resolved or “adjusted,” either at curbside or at the police stationhouse, without the need for a formal adjudication of delinquency, the filing of a complaint or even the taking of a juvenile into custody. It shall therefore be the policy of this State to encourage the use of “curbside warnings” or “stationhouse adjustments” as an appropriate law enforcement response to non serious juvenile activity that does not warrant either the taking of a juvenile into custody or the filing of a complaint alleging delinquency.For the purposes of this Executive Directive, a “stationhouse adjustment” would ordinarily entail warning the juvenile about the future consequences of his or her continued delinquent activity, and notifying the juvenile’s parent(s) or guardians about the matter. Where a “stationhouse adjustment” is used to resolve a minor juvenile matter, the law enforcement agency should keep a record of the identity of the juvenile and the date and nature of the offense involved, consistent with recommended recordkeeping procedures to be developed by the Juvenile Arrest, Charging and Diversion Guidelines Working Group in consultation with the Juvenile Records and Information Working Group.

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wholesale jerseys from china The Community Scholarship Endowment Fund, established by annual donors who choose to direct 10% of their support to this fund, now stands at over $195,500, the proceeds of which, when combined with associated individually named endowments, contributed $110,000 in additional awards to more than 100 students. OUR SINCERE THANKS to the following individuals, businesses and organizations who have committed to the Community Awards Program for the 2012/13 academic year. Your continued support is truly appreciated thank you! If you would like more information on how you might participate in the COMMUNITY AWARDS PROGRAM, please contact Bree Urkow of the Development Office at 780 679 1131 or toll free at 1 800 590 9992 wholesale jerseys from china.
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